Saturday, March 25, 2006

Who is Genio Ribelle?
What is Genio Ribelle?
The name literally means "Rebel Genius" in Italian.
When I say I, I refers to not I, the person creating this post, but to Genio Ribelle, who, as of now, has become an entity in itself at

When my name was conceived, I believed it represented the Rebel as well as the Genius that is hidden among each one of us, each one of us trying to pursue our passions, be it music, fine arts, filmmaking, poetry, photography, graphic design, architecture, product design, fashion, dance...whichever field of arts or design.

While Rebel may represent the fire within us, Genius represents the calm, the silence within, that we must listen to in order to get our creative juices flowing. Though contradictory, the two together make up any artist or designer out there, including me.

So I created the GRAND portal (Genio Ribelle Arts N Design Portal) for each one of you.

So what is the GRAND?
The GRAND is the only true and complete Arts and Design portal built by and for Artists and Designers such as you.


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