Thursday, August 24, 2006

That's right. Its a Postcard Design Contest. So if you are not a graphic designer, you must be wondering, "This is something for Graphic Designers. I can't take part in this. I can't do this."

But wait! Think again. It is a Postcard Design Contest, not a graphic design contest.
The medium, the means are immaterial. The medium does not matter. You can sketch your design, you can paint it, you can take a photograph or well, you may use a computer to create the design from scratch or perhaps you are going to use your computer to enhance the sketch that you drew with your hands or add some effects to the photograph you took or maybe, you are not planning to use a computer at all. A computer, your hands, the brush, these are all tools.

The real medium is you. You are expressing yourself through this design.
Its the idea, the creativity that counts, not how you do it.

So this contest is for graphic designers, for fine artists, for photographers, for painters, for any artist or designer, for anyone who can think & be CREATIVE.

I know what you are going to ask me next. In the application form, we asked you to submit a Adobe Photoshop (psd format file) and a gif/jpeg file of your design. If anyone of you is wondering what is Adobe, that's fine with us. Nothing to be shy about. Or perhaps you know what is Adobe but never really used it for anything else except for viewing pictures of your friends. Don't fret. As we said, the medium is not important. We are not going to penalise you for not knowing Photoshop or Flash or Freehand because we are rewarding creativity here.

Today, for some unknown weird reason, creativity is equated to how many graphic design tools you can use. So back to the same point, we have asked you to submit your design in psd (adobde photoshop) format and you do not know how. If you drew your design by hand or if you took a photograph, then get a friend to help you scan it into your computer and then get the same friend's help to import that image into Adobe photoshop, save it as a PSD file and send it to us. That's about it. And all you graphic designers out there, that's easy for you.

The hard part is letting those creative juices flow but we know, you can do it.